Jason is the Director of RWI’s Regional Asia Pacific Office, leading the organization as it promotes more inclusive, equal, and sustainable societies, that are more aware of how a human rights perspective benefits all areas of social and economic development. His diverse work history provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, as he oversees and manages programmes, teams, and multi-stakeholder relationships within the region.

With decades of experience in human rights, child protection and social justice, he spent the first 16 years of his working life in law enforcement and prosecution in South Australia and thereafter worked for the United Nations as an investigator of crimes against humanity. He spent several years in humanitarian aid, with a focus on disaster and emergency relief and recovery in countries such as Lebanon, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

With a particular interest in child protection, post-colonial, and non-custodial justice systems, he completed his PhD on children in conflict with the law and potential treatment intersections which include Islamic justice and development philosophy at the Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Being from Australia and having worked in many countries and settings across the region, Jason understands the Asia Pacific and its cultural and political diversities. He strives to ensure culturally respective engagements, built on shared goals and to “walk the change path” with stakeholders based on trusted and transparent relationships.