Business for Human Rights and the Environment

In recent years, the link between human rights and the environment has gained increased recognition, together with rising global expectations that businesses need to act responsibly to minimise their contribution to climate change. People are mobilising to protect the environment against a deepening ecological crisis from toxic pollution and climate change to deforestation, biodiversity loss, land degradation and freshwater shortages (Rajapakse, 2020).

The business case for the corporate sector to prioritise the right to a healthy environment is becoming part and parcel of their corporate policies and strategies towards ensuring responsible and sustainable business practices.

In this webinar, our esteemed speakers will unpack various elements of the business and human rights agenda, particularly in environmental and climate change contexts, from global, regional and local perspectives. We will also have speakers from the Thai government, the private sector, Civil society to share insights on the challenges and opportunities for Thai businesses to respect and remedy human rights in environmental contexts.

For more detailed info please download the pamphlet below :


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