RWI Handbook on Local Governments and Human Rights Event at WHRCF 11th

RWI Handbook on Local Governments and Human Rights Event

“People-Centred Solution for an Inclusive City Resilience”

Organizers | Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Climate change and Covid-19 poses the greatest challenge to our cities and those living in vulnerable conditions. As such, there is a need for a new approach change. A human rights-based approach (HRBA) would help cities pave a new way for a more resilient city and address structural discrimination, inequality, and exclusion where people all of them are in the centre of policy consideration and at the discussion table. But how to do it ?

Flowing off from its series of research since 2019, RWI develop Lecalising human rights in the context of SDGs: a handbook for cities in 2021 together with its university partners inBandung and East Lampung-Indonesia, and Nagpur-India. With this handbook, RWI aims to demystify the concept of human rights city and provide a practical quide for local governments to operationalize national human rights commitments at the local level with the active participation of stakeholders towards achieving the SDGs. The handbook, for example, offers guidance to mainstream human rights principles into policies and actions towards the achievement of SDGs agenda based on specific contexts such as local needsand challenges through participatory processes.