Journalist training human rights & environment for Indonesian media

RWI Jakarta and PPMN (Indonesian Association for media development ) are organising the 2nd online journalism training for journalists/media across Indonesia.

Roughly 15 experienced journalist from printed, online , radio and television have been selected to join the three days training from 22, 23 November and 25 November 2021.

The training will focus on the theme of Human Rights and Environment and various background of speakers from different elements such as from Indonesian DGHR, ,RWI, Kompas, CNN, Mongabay Indonesia. PPMN will be hosting the session for the discussion.

The Director General of Human Rights from Indonesia Ministry of Human Rights and Law, Mualimin Abdi, is officially opening the three-day online training in November 22 2021. He said in his speech that the Indonesian government has already developed an application called PRISMA for accommodating issues related to human rights, business and environment. This application is useful for Indonesian people and media, particularly to help the government with mapping the issue of human rights related to the businesses operation and environmental problems.